Endorsements for Chris West

Testimonial Headshot

“Chris has been a trusted friend for many years. He has done an incredible job as a Delegate in 42B and will be an excellent State Senator for District 42. A big thumbs up for Chris.”

Governor Larry Hogan

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“Chris works very hard and is very responsive to our communities. He is energetic, intelligent and steadfastly loyal. He is a true asset to Baltimore County and to the State of Maryland.”

County Councilman David Marks

“Chris has won high marks on both sides of the aisle for his performance in the Maryland General Assembly despite being a first term delegate.”

Mike Ruby, "The County Chronicle"

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“Chris and I have worked together for many years. He is a great representative for his communities, and will continue to do great work as a Senator in District 42. Chris, you have my support!”

Councilman Wade Kach