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Supporting Maryland’s Small Businesses

Chris West

Chris promised to continue his strong support for the State’s small businesses.

In 2018, I promised to continue my strong support for the State’s small businesses.I have kept this promise throughout my four-year term, and I have been rated very highly by the State’s business advocacy groups.This year, for example, I voted against the “Paid Family Leave” Act, which even Democrats characterized as a “hot mess”.But this bill is just the tip of the iceberg.Year after year, the Democrats seek to dragoon Maryland’s small businesses into acting as crypto-social welfare agencies.The role of our small businesses is to create jobs and to successfully compete in the marketplace to provide products and services to our citizens.If the State wants more social welfare programs, the State’s taxpayers should pay for them.It is just wrong to load these inappropriate financial burdens on the backs of our small businesses.

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