Chris West Interview

Promises Made, Promises Kept

Chris West

I am a lifelong conservative Republican. Over the years, I have served as the Chair of the Baltimore County Republican Party and the Executive Director of the Maryland State Republican Party. In 2018, I was elected as State Senator for District 42.

When I ran for State Senate in 2018, I made a number of promises and have kept all of them. I promised that I would do everything possible to promote new, replacement high schools in Timonium and Towson, and today those high schools are in the planning and design phase. I promised that I would oppose all proposed new or higher taxes, and instead would try to cut taxes. I made good on my word – we have had no higher taxes in the past four years, and this year, we extended tax relief to retirees and passed property tax credits for veterans and first responders.

I also promised to support our critical law enforcement officers, and last year, when leftwing Democrats in Annapolis pushed through legislation to penalize and demoralize our police, no one fought harder against the legislation than me; I was on the phone constantly with the Fraternal Order of Police trying to improve these bills. The Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police is supporting my re-election this year.

If you re-elect me to the State Senate this year, I can promise you that I will work as hard as I possibly can on your behalf between now and 2026. And I will keep that promise too.

Christopher R. West

Christopher R. West